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Businessman Mr Lim doesn’t just know about sports cars, he KNOWS sports cars. As a racing enthusiast, Mr Lim has driven some of the most recognisable names in sports car folklore, from the legendary GTR to the RX7. Mr Lim finally found his love with the BMW M4. So much so that he decided to purchase the new M4 Competition Coupé which comes with Red Carbon Seats and Ceramic Brakes, while keeping his old BMW M4. Hear what he has to say about the new ride.

Kester Tan

Tell us about yourself and your love for THE M4.

I’m an avid sports car enthusiast. I’ve owned many sports cars over the years, including the BMW M3. So, it was a straightforward choice when THE M4, which produced 450 hp and 550 Nm, was first launched in 2014, I bought one. My love for BMW M models began in 1978, when BMW M first launched THE M1, where the powerful inline 6-cylinder engine and stylish good looks caught my attention. It was the outstanding M Performance that made the decision so much easier when buying both the old and new M4! The reason I love THE M4 so much is that it offers a fuss-free drive, a powerful engine and an exhaust that sounds so good.

Why did you decide to keep your old M4 even after buying the latest model and what do you use both cars for?

I have a very strong connection with my first BMW M4, and the new model is like the younger brother of the first car. They ought to be together. I take turns driving both of my M4s daily, just so I can feel the rush and polish up on my driving skills and handling. I love both the old and new kidney grilles, the old one for its classic look and the new one for a more futuristic feel. BMW M has successfully evolved the new M4, and it looks amazing.

What do you love most about THE M4?

I love everything about THE M4. The design of the front kidney grille, the crank rod and pistons, the efficient 350 bar fuel injector, the piercing Laser headlights, the futuristic 3D printed water coolant system, and the powerful M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine, which in my opinion is the best engine S58B30T0 BMW M has ever created.

When I was getting my new M4, I ordered the Fiona Red bucket seats which were not widely advertised. At this point I thought, since I was already making one special order, I might as well make it the best M4 in Singapore, if not the world. So I went for the full package, including the 963M M Performance wheels, M Performance Steering wheel, M Carbon Ceramic Brakes, and many other accessories.

The brakes are especially important. Going from 0 to 100km/h is thrilling, but it is important to have proper control and handling too. With the M Carbon Ceramic Brakes, I have the confidence to brake efficiently and stay safe on the road.

In short, I love every part of my M4, and it is definitely worth every dollar. Plus, dealing with Performance Munich Autos has been a pleasant experience.

Do you have any plans to get another BMW M4 or maybe another M model?

I love THE M4 but I’m also looking to get either THE M2 or THE M5. And if there’s ever an M9!

Do you have any advice for people looking to own a BMW M model? Is there anything they should look out for?

The M cars come with amazing specs and options which, in my opinion, you don’t have to do any modifications! You might want to consider ordering other accessories to customise your car and make your ride more enjoyable. BMW M refers to M models as the Ultimate Driving Machines, but I call it “The Beast”. Like anything with that much power, it is important to understand the car for better handling and control, as safety always takes priority when driving any M model. For instance, the rear wheels are rather sensitive on the road during rainy days, hence the need to be extra cautious!

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